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  1. As I now have a machine which to a rough approximation is working, I wanted to do something with it. One thing was engraving some fine stuff onto brass for a housemate. Does anyone know of a source of fonts which are lines (the movement of a pen) rather than areas, which would engrave small well? Ideally these would be postscript fonts due to the odd way that he is designing stuff in some graphing software he has written.

  2. Aaah found the right thing to put into google - 'single line fonts'
    and found:
    which will probably keep us busy for a bit.

  3. Good find Dave... please post that link in the 'links' section so it doesnt get lost...

  4. If anyone uses Ubuntu they are apparently in the gsfonts-other package.

    I would put it up as a link, but I don't seem to be bright enough to find the button to press.

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    I would put it up as a link, but I don't seem to be bright enough to find the button to press.


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