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    Just saying hello.

    Competant in manual lathes and millers, cnc gave a wide birth for decades but need for repetitive boring stuff.

  2. Hi Jonny and welcome to the site. Plenty of help and info here to get you up to speed quickly... ask away in the appropriate forum...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny View Post
    repetitive boring stuff.
    That's what women are for :rofl:

    If you can turn, mill and are willing to butcher your machinery then CNC will not be a problem for you.

    CNC is a liberation. When curves become just as easy as straight lines, you output suddenly starts to look prettier.

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    Thanks Irvin, Robin, do i know you:naughty: CB625?

    I have just bought a small Boxford 125TCL in need of updating. Which sections appropriate?

    No problem writing in basic i have a nice Casio calculator still from 1984. Ok on the Apple 2E but forget the Atari ST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny View Post
    Robin, do i know you:naughty: CB625?
    Which one have you got, Mk4?

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    Small world Robin we have met think it was 1998 Weston Park, Combro in development stage.
    Got two Mark4's both need to go back to you.

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    I also converted my 125TCL some years ago, these photo’s give some idea what needs to be done if you are going to control it from a PC I, use Mach3, unfortunately I don’t have any of it finished, if it would help you I will open it up at the weekend and take some more.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2 Cleaned Out.JPG 
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Name:	3 New bits fitted.JPG 
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ID:	2900Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1 Original.JPG 
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ID:	2899

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