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    Having now got my Mach3 cnc router set up I now need some software for it.

    Does anybody know of any cheap/free mach3 compatable software? I only need to draw simply shapes nothing to complicated circles/ovals/ squares etc.

    I'm not the best computer literate person so the easier the better.

    Thanks chaps!

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    Hi Cassius,

    Try this thread with a similar question,

    CAMBAM has 50 free trial sessions so that should get you started. This will allow you to create toolpaths from your simple CAD, and then Gcode to load into Mach3 and cut things out. After that you'll have more of an idea about what you might want.
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    I see from your other introduction post that you are a sign writer.
    If you want to incorporate this router into part of your work I'd advise you to look at VCarve pro from Vectric Software.

    It might be more than you are willing to pay at this point but it's harder to buy a program, learn it , only to change at a later date. VCarve was written for the router sign guys from day one, it's very powerful and easy to learn.

    Download and try the demo's available.

    John S -

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    Hi Cassius,

    Fair point from John. I own another one of their lineup, Vectric Cut2D, and it is a great bit of s/ware. I started with CAMBAM, but switched to Vectric and never looked back.
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
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    Thanks guys, very helpful!

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    Hi everbody.. My name s Furkan from turkey... im sorry firstly becayse my englısh not same urs mother language :) i have a some problem about circle.. my problem is i draw 16 diameter circle but totallly is not same.. x corner is 15.8 y corner is 13.2 corner to corner 17mm.. what,s my the problem ? i try many way about that.. when i was try backlash my motor is workıng weırd.. step step.. etc...i chanced shuttle wheel setting also fail... i use rack andpinion sytem.. only difffrent is use to Y AXİS double motor but one driver.. but this driver very strong .. my problem only when i draw circle my problem is starting. .. i hope everbody can understant my englısh heehehehe :) thx

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