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    My build is moving along finally i've ordered my electronics and now looking for a spindle.
    I’ve looked at the Kress and Fern cutters, also the spindles from china.
    Like the idea of a water or air cooled spindle with the very low run out and low noise but not too happy to order from China & would like something a little closer to home in case something goes wrong.
    If anyone knows of UK supplies at an affordable price love to hear about it
    Cheers for your input

  2. Give this guy a call.. sells top quality stuff and is very good on price. http://www.spindlesas.co.uk/ His Name is Trevor Keene he is a supplier of ELTE spindles.

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    Cheers Adcnc
    had a look at the web site little info re what he sells so i'll drop him a line, not to far from me too cheers

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    Hows that spindle working out that you are trying ?

    John S -

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