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    I went to buy some garden waste bin bags today - no ... bear with me, it's relevant - and I ended up in a shop that sold, amongst other things, power tools. Mmmm. Power tools. They were selling off their old stock of Dremels. Basic, just the machine and a few bits.

    Bought one. Couldn't not, really. Went home. Tried it out. HOOKED!!!111 :twisted:

    I've never used one before today and all I can say about it is blrrrble wibble mnaah mnaaah woooh! wooh! THEY ARE THE BEST! How did I ever live without!

    So far I've cut wood, aluminium, brass, the cat (only jokin' - ahem - the RSPCA are quite militant around our way) and various bits of miscellaneous other stuff.

    Needless to say I'm going back to the shop tomorrow to buy the other one they had. Well the Rockcliff I'm getting ready to build can't have all the fun now, can it??!

    It all started when I made an MMC interface for my zx81 computer. Don't ask. 1gb of storage for a machine with 16k of RAM? HA! I love irony, see? Anyways - I wanted to make a PCB as the stripboard that I built this monster on was doing my nut in. Seriously. So I thought "Hmmm. This needs a proper PCB". Looking around the internet for PCB manufacturing advice, I saw some chap had built himself a PCB drilling machine out of some old printers and a toaster. Another chap (it's never ladies is it?? ... Ahem pls. prove me wrong!) had built a PCB engraver. So of course being the lazy SOB that I am, I wanted one too. And here I am.

    How did *you* get here? eh?


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    Welcome to the forums SirMorris,

    i see you have found your way around, many posts as well.

    All good stuff just what we could do with on the forums right now.


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    Welcome to the forums.

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    First build underway!

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    Get the log started then mate !

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