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    My name is Ian and I'm starting my cnc life (I understand fro some it does become a life choice) with some plans from solsylva.

    I have the plans for the 24 x 24 and the 13 x 13 fixed gantry. I am aiming to start with the 13 x 13 and see what happens.

    I'm sure I will be asking lots of newbie type questions as I go along as most of the other forums and the plan info seem to be US based.

    Hope to post again soon


  2. Hi Ian and welcome to the site. There was a thread here a while back about 'metrification' of the US plans... eg 18mm MDF instead of 3/4" etc. Just needs some thinking about to make the right allowances and/or changes in dimensions...

    Dont forget to start a build log!

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