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    Hi There

    My nickname is Danimal, I'm a newcomer to the CNC world and I must say i'm looking forward to my first CNC build, A CNC router.....

    I'm doing this build as a project for my HNC in Mecatronic Engineering, so I'll be bugging everyone out there for tips and ideas

    Looking forward to chatting soon


  2. Hi Dan and welcome to the site.

    Mechatronics (for those that don't know) is the in buzzword for an synergistic amalgam of many engineering and design disciplines, tho many of us have arguably been doing it for years! CNC machines are a good macro example, although I find the micro examples, e.g. a miniature pressure sensor, control electronics and a pressure valve integrated on a silicon chip, or a laser diode, electronics and tiny piezo adjusted mirrors all integrated more interesting.

    Look forward to your build log Dan...

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