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    Hello, have just stubbled upon this site by way of links concerning Hardinge HLV-H refurbishment (I'm in the midst of refurbishing a TL for myself). Have been machining for around 25 years, last 19 of those in a university experimental shop where I have the pleasure of using equipment such as Hardinge, Cazeneuve, Aciera, and a Deckel FP5 D11. Have just been handed over a 20 year old industrial robot that by agreement must be stripped down for salvaging parts and metal. Hmm....what should I do with 4 axis of Fanuc AC servo motors and drivers??? :whistling: (Unfortunately they're fairly low power but at the very least I should be able to build a indexer)
    My actual name is Dan, Kempsmith was the name of my first mill, a 20's vintage beast which I had a lot of fun with for 22 years. I now have a Deckel FP2 that is exactly my age (i.e. not from the 20's!). Next acquisition is to be a CNC mill for the home shop.....once I build on.....

  2. Hi Dan and welcome to the site. Always pleased to welcome real-world experience, and you can never have too many 'useful' bits in store....:lol:

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