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    Can anyone help?

    Having recenlty invested in a home CNC and got it talking to Mach3. I require some router bits to test cut and start working I guess.

    Whats the difference with HSS and Carbide?

    The collet in my router is 1/4inch and I have sourced some 12mm MDF and 3mm mirrored di-bond for test cutting. At this point I have no cutters and would like to order some for delivery.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

    Also, it is wise to invest in a collet reducer thus allowing the purchase on 1/8inch bits also for detailing work?

    Finally, I have a 4th axis, not turning yet but does anyone know of a good supplier for a tail stock? Oh, whilst I remember is a t-slot table for clamping easy enough to build?

    So many question. Thanking you all in advance for you wealth of experience, hopefully I will return the favour with some design/cad/modelling knowledge.

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    Without being derogatory you are going to make mistakes and break tools, just part of the learning curve. So start off cheap so you can afford mistakes, really pi$$'s you off when you snap a 12 tool right into the work because you have got the wrong tool offset [ don't ask !! ]

    Do a Google for Toolstation, bit like Screwfix but good bit is it's post free over 10, they do some Silverline router cutters, the 1/8"ones are 1.00 each and they last quite well and lets face it a pound a cutter is a consumable.

    I cut a fair bit of Tufnol sheet and it's very abrasive, I have been using Trend cutters off Ebay and to be honest these 1.00 cutters are lasting the same amount of time.

    The Silverline cutters have a good range of sizes but still retail the 1/4" shank.

    Need a decent picture of the tailstock and centre hight to help here but it could be your first job.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Two bits of MDF for the uprights, counterbored to take two nuts thwacked in, base, upright spacer and a sharpened length of all thread for the spindle.
    Alter recipe to suit ingredients.

    Tee slot table isn't a start up job, take a bit of work, my Techno - Isel router has a teel slot table from new but i keep a piece of 18mm MDF bolted to it and secure everything to this with panel pins.

    Advantages are you always have a 'slot' to secure to <g>, disposable, and no worries when you set your cutter 1mm deeper to clear thru a component.
    My nephew has a Kitchen and bathroom business and he cuts all his offcuts of MDF up to fit my bed on his CNC saw every so often when he has a sort out but even without a connection like that it's easy to get offcuts to do the same job.
    John S -

  3. On the subject of clamping and t-slots. A cheaper and easier to replace solution is a sheet of 12mm MDF, drilled out with 5mm or 6mm holes in a grid (easy job for the CNC machine!), then hammer in some matching size t-nuts from the reverse. They're cheap and when you've accidentally ploughed the baseboard you simply hammer them out and replace the board...

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    Thanks for the cutter info John, unfortunately I spent much more than just the cutters.
    Oh well!

    It's only money!


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    Forgive my ignorance but the cutters you have suggested are completely different to those i've seen and used before.

    I have had access to an AXYZ router that used end mills and ball mills etc that looked more like drill bits ( do good examples for around 5.00) and I would be greatfull if you could educate me as to the difference.

    These milling cutters are twin, 3 and multi flutes. Therefore I am now confused.

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    Milling cutters are for Aluminium,Brass,Perspex,ect,ect....if you're cutting MDF then a Straight flute wood router bit is what you need.

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    been using carbide mill ends and ball nose cutters to cut soft woods ,hardwoods and mdf , with better results than straight flute router bits the spiral flutes clear the cut as they go
    spiral cut router bits are also very good, they are to all effects a mill end

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    Do you know any good suppliers of carbide end mills in the UK? They need to be 1/8" shank and have a ring collar. I have been using Drill Bit City in the US, these have been great cutters, and these guys have a great selection, but the postage is so expensive.

    Would like to find a recommended supplier in the UK.


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    hi all
    HSS is not as hard as carbide so can get a sharper edge which will give an inproved finish on plastics and softwoods - but there is always a cost. HSS does not give the same long life as carbide tools.


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