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    Ooh, don't forget about the neodymium magnets in the hard drives, I've got plenty of projects waiting for some of them...

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    Oh gosh, I have a lot of them (and have the blood-blisters to prove it) and kept all the platters. They make real nice shiney coasters ......
    You want them magnets? I think I could get about 25-30 together (I still have to strip a few). They all vary in size though, so dont know what you need them for.
    -- if you can't be good, at least be good at it --

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    Blisters, ouch yes...they do nip a bit! Not as bad as the 2"x1"x0.5" monsters I used on my wind turbine though!

    Yep, I've been using some platters for coasters too! Seems a shame to melt the platters but I wonder if they're a special grade of aluminium or anything?

    I'm intending to make a generator and probably a brushless motor with the hard disk magnets when I've got enough.

    You want them magnets?
    Yes please! I will of course cover the postage for you, if that's enough?

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    Watch those platters as most are made of glass these days and they look like aluminium. Gentle bend one in a vise and watch them shatter :-)

    Hard disk aluminium is lovely stuff to cut
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

  5. well i went into 4 poundstretcher/poundland/99pShops and couldnt find any stainless steel shakers/beakers... lots of alumnium ones pretending to be stainless steel!

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    Hi Irving

    Didyou have a look in the kitchen sideofthe poundlands? the sugar,tea,coffee sets are stainless steel as I got a set last year but it wasn't ina pound shop it was in Home&Bargain shop which you might not have in your neck of the woods?the set was 2.99 I also picked up a stainless steel Ice bucket at a car booty for a pound this will be ideal as the crucible because its a lot thicker than those tumblers I just mentioned.

    Car bootys are a great source for stainless steel items,seen a teapot and some beakers at the same booty but as I got the ice bucket I figured this will last sometime.

  7. yes i looked extensively.. as I said, lots of ali ones but none I defintively say were stainless steel. have a few more to look at today, plus a car boot sale in the morning. No worries, i'm in no hurry as furnace wont be finished till next week at the earliest

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    Have you read this?

    Really talented guy!
    (Starts on page 10, but read whole thread. Interesting stuff!)

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    Lol,I don't think Irving is contemplating on rebuilding his cars engine?

    That fella has too much time on his hands. :lol:

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    Could you use a terracotta flower pot for the crucible? There's some 50% off in the Wilko near me...not sure if the sizes were suitable as my mum steered me away too quick!
    The hole in the bottom is a bit annoying, but maybe you could plug that with a bit of mild steel. Maybe even just a bolt with a big washer.

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