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  1. Quote Originally Posted by hmaki View Post
    Have you read this?

    Really talented guy!
    (Starts on page 10, but read whole thread. Interesting stuff!)
    Yes I have, in fact I posted that last link here 3 weeks ago :lol:

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Could you use a terracotta flower pot for the crucible? There's some 50% off in the Wilko near me...not sure if the sizes were suitable as my mum steered me away too quick!
    The hole in the bottom is a bit annoying, but maybe you could plug that with a bit of mild steel. Maybe even just a bolt with a big washer.
    I have read that you could use clay pots, so i found one I had in the garden and pointed the blowtorch at it... it cracked... so clearly needs very careful and even heating.... think I'll stick with steel for now, and once I have got a bit more practice in, buy a proper A5 graphite crucible. (thats the biggest i can get in, i reckon, and still lift it out)

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    Whats an A5? Irving,is it bigger than this 12oz job?

  4. Yes...if you look in the table he lists 12oz = 32cc = 384g of gold = 53g of aluminium... not a lot of use really...

    An A5 crucible is 0.9l to the top, but usable capacity is 0.75l = 2kg aluminium, A6 is 1.2l to the top, usuable is 1l = 2.7kg of aluminium. Actually I can get an A6 in my furnace.

    I'll leave as an exercise to the reader to work out why a crucible spec'd as '1kg' size is meaningless info....

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    Quote Originally Posted by irving2008 View Post

    I'll leave as an exercise to the reader to work out why a crucible spec'd as '1kg' size is meaningless info....

    Is it because you can't use a plastic milk bottle to measure molten metal ?
    John S -

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    I have about 20 faulty hard drives lying around here and been wondering what to do with em....
    I know the guy that runs a local computer repairs shop,called in yesterday for some Dual layer DVD's and asked him what he does with the faulty hardives he changes when needed...I bin em...oh could you bin em this problem,here's a box of 140...happy days:whistling: and more when he comes by them.

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    Watch those platters as most are made of glass these days and they look like aluminium
    Up to now,only found these in the 2.5" laptop HD's none in the 3.5 one's.

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    hi irving ,any progress on your furnace?
    cheers Tom...

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    no more pics and how to's?

  10. its coming... work, family and then the weather conspired against me.... it will progress once the weather improves, as I have to work outside on this, there isnt room in the garage...

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