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    Hello everybody.

    I am hoping to eventually build a CNC router for my hobby which is radio controlled model aircraft.

    I say eventually because having children robs me of all my time and money.

    My design changes all the time as I stumble across new ideas so I do not know what the router will look like by the time I start building it, but I do know it will be budget conscious, DIY oriented with minimum premade components and have a cutting area of around 150 x 30 cm (5'x1').

    Kind regards,

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  2. Hi Kenneth and welcome to the site. Thats a very unusual shape for a CNC machine. We have a few members into RC aircraft, I seem to recall a ducted fan VC10 being one...

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    Thanks for your welcome.

    The cutting length is set by my wish to cut 150cm wing plugs or moulds and the width is set by the surface I have to rest the machine on which is 60cm.

    Given that the machine footprint is usually larger than the net cutting area, I am expecting a footprint of 180cm x 60cm which coincides with the surface I have to sit it on.

    I will post the build when I get round to it.

    Kind regards,



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