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    Has anyone experience of purchasing a spindle directly from China. I recently purchased a hifi dac directly from hong kong and it all went smoothly so i was tempted to try my luck with a 2.2kw spindle. I looked at elte and colombo, i think the cost is about 850 quid but the stuff from china was roughly 300 to 500 us dollars although i am not sure yet whether i am comparing like with like. Anyone used alibaba?

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    There is a good seller on ebay called linearmotionbearings2008, he has these spindles for sale. I along with a few other members here have purchased from him with no problems. No import tax or anything like that yet, that i know of anyway.


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    cheap as chips, was the water cooling not a bit of a problem?

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    i too have my eye on one of these spindles albeit from a different seller (cheaper) but i have delt with chai from linearmotion many times ( bulk orders of bearings/ shaft support ect) & it is always very smooth & also fast too considdering it is from china, what are the advantages of these spindles apart from the high speed? one thing i am worried about is the ceramic bearings in them one tool crash & they could be reuined how are you intending on mounting it lee? single or double mount

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    Hi Colin,

    I'd gone for one of those from linearmotionbearings2008, and have just got it working. Pleased with it so far, although not ready for cutting yet. Chai is prompt with replies to emails.

    After much research it would seem they don't need much cooling at all. A mere 20 litres / hours is all, which is tiny compared to a windscreen pump of 200 litres / hours or CPU water cooling pump of 500 litres / hours. Simplest solution, tried by several people, is using 5 litres of water in a metal bucket, hooked up to a small aquarium pump. Relies on passive cooling and works well by all accounts.
    I'm planning to add a digital temperature readout to my cooling circuit (~5 ebay). Might be possible for someone clever to link this to an over temperature estop in Mach3, but that is for another day.

    Here's my build log so far:!/page2

    If this puts you off, there is always the aircooled option, although these are lower max power, and are a bit noisier (fan) but still nothing like a router.

    Don't forget you also need an invertor to drive them. I went for a German VFD (Moeller), but Hitachi are also popular. I didn't fancy the Chinese VFDs after reading about quality problems with them.

    Hi Mike,
    The speed for the Chinese spindles is similar to a router, so the advantage for me is the low noise levels. They also claim a very low runout.
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    how about the ER 20 collet what size are the restricted to?

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    I have one of the 2.2Kw water cooled spindles,the ER20 goes upto 13mm shaft size so you should be ok.

    The only thing I would warn against are the VFD's, what I know now I would/will get a good quailty one.

    My control pad has stopped working which I dont use because I have Mach controlling start/stop and speed and I have read other people having similar problems.

    Just my 2 cents worth.


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    Thanks Andy the best price so far is from linearmotionbearings2008 at
    192 pounds which sounds ok. They say the bearings are Japanese angular contact Z4 grade.
    All these spindles look the same to me!
    There are plenty of inverters on ebay for not too much money and good makes like Mitsubishi, omron and moeller.
    Are the ER20 collets detachable and maybe fit better quality ones in the future?

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    You do not get the collets or let me say I didn't and I don't think anyone else that I know did, I purchased my collets from a Chinese supplier and they have been fine, I have done a couple of lithophane's with some very fine detail so all I can say is I very pleased all in all.


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    From memory my 1.5kW unit did come with an ER11 collet of 6mm. I could just about squeeze a 1/4 router bit in the end (6.35mm) so bought a slightly larger ER11 insert from China and now these bits are easy to fit.
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