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    Please could someone tell me are these motors 240v three phase squirrel cage motors?
    I have purchased Mitsubisi FR-E520-2.2K inverter with a 3phase 240v out which i had not expected.

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    Hi Colin

    That is correct 3phase 240v out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chip View Post
    a bit cheaper but cant comment on the bearings etc
    This price is amaizing, i looked at another spindle from keri where they say there 2x7005c and 2x7004c NSK bearings in the spindle. I googled 7005c bearing and the cost was about 100 pounds each. It makes you wonder how they do it?
    Keri was $335 approx 215 pounds for their RKS2200, 2.2kw spindle. Has anyone any experience of buying off keri?
    The weight of theirs is 10kg where some i notice are only 8kg.
    I Contacted Keri to ask why they were more expensive and this was thei reply:
    Dear Colin,

    We saw the link that you sent in last email. the spindle in the link is quite cheap ones ,but they are too much different from our spindles .

    Common Spindles with only 2 or 3 cheap bearings inside ,and the weight of the spindle 2.2kw no more than 5-6kgs ...the speed of the spindles are unadjustable or very hard to operate , also the runover of the cheap spindles are over 0.005mm or even more .We do not recommend to you these unreliable ,unstable spindles as this is very important part on the machine.

    What we are offering you is the really good quality spindles with 4 famous brand NSK bearings inside ,and the weight of the spindle 2.2kw is over 10kgs with packing.The precision of the spindle is much better and stable. the run off of the spindle is within 0.001mm. The speed of the spindle is easily regulated by the driving inverter (VFD) from 6000-24000rpm.

    Frankly our price are not the best on the market , just medium ,but it is quite cost-effective as for a spindle, the most important motion part on a CNC machine.We are selling hundreds of this high qualoty spindles every week.To pay a little bit more ,you will save lots of energy in worrying about the malfunctions and problems . After all ,you are buying a machine don't need a cheap item which will cause many troubles in processings ,right?

    Colin , How many pics of spindle 2.2kw you need ?We can offer you 10% discount if you order 10 pics a time. If you don;t need the VFD , the postage for 1 pic of RKS2200 spindle is US$85 only.
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    Be careful for dhgate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baihu View Post
    Be careful for dhgate.

    What makes you say that? and on your first post too... tell us more...

    Sounds like the sort of thing i would say if I wanted to put Customers off the competition:naughty::whistling:

    Just an Observation..:lol:
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    Quote Originally Posted by chip View Post
    i bought my spindle from solarjean on ebay in the end..recommended.
    Same here ... also reccomended. Interestingly in the few weeks between Chip and I getting the spindle the model changed.

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