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    i have taken the head off a poured out the teeth lol there all gone hi / low

    i do have a small lathe only it out of commision at the moment

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    There is a kit on Ebay at the moment but it's £70 and 6 days to go, 5 bids.
    You can get one from the States, buy it now for £69 quid and about 10 quid P&P.
    John S -

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    i think i will just fix my lathe and make a simple pulley arrangment for my mill i think its better in the longrun rather then replacing the gears
    i think i could do it cheaper than £70

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeD View Post
    Scott,if you're going to strip it down? suggest you strip it down in sections? and over a deepish tray to catch any unsuspecting ball bearings,springs,ect ect as I found out on my lathe a spring holding a ball bearing in place went the other side of the room(needle in a haystack senario) took me ages to locate where it went and her indoors thought I'd flipped because I was brushing up. lol

    Incidently this spring and ball bearing was in the headstock housing that put a bit of stiffness to the Hi-Low gear lever.
    glad i took your advice knocked the spindle out and found the bottom bearing is not a one peice item all the balls fellout lol
    good job i did coz it was as dry as a bone no damage though . not one gear made it all were broken there made with a crappy plastic
    i broke one in my hand lol bet they used wd40 or some thing to loob it at the factory some oils make plastic brital they even painted the bearings dont help

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    That's the kit on Ebay for £70.

    Mind you it runs nice to say at 6:10 into the video he just throws the motor onto the bracket, no bolts
    John S -

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