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    Hello All
    I am a retired engineer who thought he could manage without a machine shop. I have CNC experience with Haas and Fanoc controlled mills and lathes, most of my work was 3D surface milling components for one of the F1 teams. I am about to upgrade a Boxford 190VMC, a task currently above my pay grade! I hope I can contribute to this forum as well as benefiting from it.
    Geoff Vaizey

  2. Hi Geoff and welcome to the site. Sounds like you have some useful expertise. I've not seen upgrades to a 190 documented, but there is a thread on a 260VMC which I guess will be similar, no doubt you've seen it. Look forward to your upgrade build log!

  3. HI Geoff
    hope you have some success, if you are used to the commercial world, it may frustrate you with the speeds and feeds available on this machine. I do not know this actual model but remember this type from college days (many moons ago) when stepper motors were slow enough to allow you to go for a coffee before the tool path finished.

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    Thank you for your comments, how true you are regarding the speed of the stepper motors. Have spent a little time manual machining with it and am impressed by the finish but far too slow and very restrictive in the Z axis. Change of plan, will collect a Sieg KX3 tomorrow from Arc.

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