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    My name is Jason and I'm an electronics and software engineer by trade. I've almost no experience with machine tools but intend to buy/make a CNC router for the fabrication of (some very large) plastic enclosures that I'll use to house my electronic designs.

    I need to learn as much as I can about CNC routers and plastics fabrication before spending my hard earned cash. I hope the good people on these forums can be of some assistance in this.

    P.S. Please be gentle with me.

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  2. Hi Jason and welcome to the site. CNC routers is easy, plenty of info here... plastics fabrication less so, but we have some clever people here so you never know (I know one member built his own plastic injection moulding system)

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    Thanks for the welcome Irving. I expect I be doing a lot of lurking before I post any (dumb) questions.


  4. No question is dumb... as long as you learn something from the answer :lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayman View Post
    Thanks for the welcome Irving. I expect I be doing a lot of lurking before I post any (dumb) questions.

    Don't worry Jay we have someone on here who's an expert on just that :lol:
    John S -

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