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    Well here I am not knowing what to say. I'll start with the obvious and that is my knowledge of CNC, which is to say little or nothing. I have done a fair bit of reading and find the subject fascinating. I have only just found this site and the fact that it is based in the UK appeals to me after spending many happy hour on sites such as CNCzone and the Mach forums.

    I am fairly well set up for conventional "knife and fork" machining. My workshop contains a couple of lathes - a Colchester Triumph and Student - Ajax and Shizuoka Universal Mills - An Elliot Surface Grinder - a Gates Cylindrical Grinder and of course all the other rubbish that goes along to support this tooling.

    I have a good knowledge of electronics and electrics having served in the UK's Armed Forces, but have forgotten too much over the years.

    Well Mod's will this be enough to allow me into the inner sanctum of mycncuk?


  2. Hi Mike and welcome to the site. We may not be as big as CNCZone (yet) but, as you say, we are UK based and we have a good core of expertise across a wide range of CNC related subjects and always ready to welcome anyone with expertise they can throw in the pot. Is this a hobby workshop?

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    Thanks for the interest. Yes it is a hobby workshop, I am in the dying throws of building a 4" to the foot traction engine and really fancy doing something with CNC in the not too distant future. My big Shizuoka mill doesn't get worked as it should and I've given some thought to converting it to CNC. I have got the major concepts and principles of CNC fairly sorted in my mind, but theory is one thing and reality is another, so it will be nice to be able ask questions from the sages on a UK forum. As a bit of a warm up, I quite fancy making an attachment for my tool and cutter grinder that will grind the flutes on slot and endmills, as this is a job I don't have much success with when using the manual toothrest method. If this has been done before and there are any threads that you are aware of, I wouldn't mind the "heads up".


  4. hmmmm I don't know of any. JohnS or BillTodd might know better...

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    Think there was one in MEW, hang on I'll check, MEW 143, October 2008
    John S -

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    Hi John,

    I remember passing the MEW you mention, sat on the shelf in the local newsagent. I fell out with the ME and MEW many years ago but regret not picking this one up. I am grateful for the issue number, I will try and get a hold of a copy. Thanks for the info.


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    Mike PM sent.
    John S -

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