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    Quote Originally Posted by blackburn mark View Post
    the next time i buy a machine i want you to do the haggling for me andy...
    sh*t !!.... i bet we would come away with a machine and a tenner more than we went in with :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by audioandy View Post
    p.s. do your friends call you Wing Nut?
    No but they do now!

    LMAO, nice profile title andy !

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    Thanks Lee!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Take a look at this:-

    Plugs straight in to Mach once the shuttle plug in is loaded.
    John et all

    The contour shuttle express arrived the following day and was duly installed, not without some difficulty, but isn't that always the case. What an excellent device, have allocated the left three buttons for axis change XYZ, can't decide what to use the other two for yet. Never the less, thanks to all of you, for such sound advice.

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