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    Hi, I'm a kiln builder/repairer from Stoke I have considered making a cnc machine for work and play for a while now.
    Finally decided to take the plunge over the next few months and thought I'd sign up to get some good ideas on the best way to make a decent machine.
    Should be fun as I'll be working with highly abrasive dusty refractory materials that make a mess of bearings and motors very easily a tight budget and a very basic understanding of what to do.


  2. Hi Rob, and welcome to the site. Are you planning to machine refractory blocks then? that should be interesting. I've been playing with castable refractory, its messy stuff :lol:

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    Thanks for the welcome. Yes I'll be using High alumina light weight bricks, similar to the castable stuff but probably easier to machine i.e very soft. Just dusty as hell.


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