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    This is my conversion of a Amadeal AMA 25LV Mill
    Strip down remove the spindle motor and electronics,there is to be a more powerful spindle motor fitted
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    Motor and electronics removed
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    Spindle head removed
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    Clean out gear box and remove gears as these will be no good for the new motor they are plastic and would not take the strain
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    Next remove spindle machine an extender for the new spindle drive,the gear you see is also to be machined for the drive of the spindle
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    Extender now welded to the gear chain bearing fitted ready for the housing
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    Spindle Head back on but at this pint i find out the spindle wont turn (ouch ) so strip down to find the problem i had drifted the spindle two far in and locked up the bearings so drift it out 1/32 fitted it back and all is well always make sure the bearings turn before assembling not like me im always in a hurry and this is what happens
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    Onto the lathe to machine the adapter for the motor i had intended to direct drive the spindle by this adapter but then i read that the Colett must have the long bolt that gos throw the spindle to hold the Colett i was hoping the colett would stay in place by just knocking it into the taper, so after machining i had to go back to my original plan that is to gear drive it and that is where i am at the moment, gear machined and connecter partly re machined for the spindle.
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    Next up date next week i hope

    Thanks for looking

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    Hi Stuart,

    I appreciate this thread is quite old but wondered if you had anymore updates on your build?

    I recently bought the same AMA25LV and I am in the process of converting the mill to cnc.


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    I'm also starting a conversion on a AMA25 as well.... Any pics and information would be great. Looks good so far

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    salve chi mi aiuta mi serve il motore della ama25lv 600w non so dove trovarlo

    hi who helps me I need the motor of the ama25lv 600w I don't know where to find it

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