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    I would like to introduce myself, I am a retired maintenance officer from the NHS and education sector 25 and 12 years respectively. I have allways been a keen woodworker and on my retirement set up a small workshop to retreat to, however due to onset of dexterity difficulties "Parkinson's" buggar, anyway no sympathy required, I now make scale model trucks for my wonderful grandson Hayden and thought a cnc router station would solve some of the difficulties i have. Hopefully the wise sages from the world cncuk can offer me some help and guidance.
    Sorry this is a bit long winded.

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    Welcome to the site, your membership has been approved and you now have full access.

    I would love to see some of those model trucks, a cnc machine would make light work of the parts for you Iím sure? Please post your questions in the relevant forums for the best assistance, Iím sure people would love to help you along your way and I bet Hayden would be amazed when seeing the machine at work and doing its thing!

    Sorry for the delay,


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    Thanks Lee

    I was a bit concerned that I had fouled up my profile entry, my son is always saying to me "dad step away from the computer you dont know what your doing", glad to be on board and hope to learn a lot from the wise ones.

    As we say in Scotland awe-ra-best Bill

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    good morning Lee you suggested you would like to see the truck i am working on at the moment can you advise the best forum to post the photos as im sure not everyone would interested, hope to here from you soon thanks scotsman/

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    You could just post them in this thread :)


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