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    Hi, My name is John McClain, I go by Mad Jack, I've been a machinist for going on forty years, I worked in communications and navigation electronics during my two decades as a U.S. Marine, I hated electronics, but learned to tolerate it, but spent most of my techician time working in other fields which had electronics problems, as my primary skills are troubleshooting, and mechanical electronic interface problems, and their solving. I have quite a bit of experience as a machinist on manual operated machines, I am medically retired due to the onset of Multiple Sclerosis, however I have a fully equiped machine shop I built and ran before I was hit so hard with the M.S. I am trying to learn what I should have done when I was active in avionics (aviation electronics) given that I even taught it for a few years, but it took a few years to get over hating the electronics part of it, and now I'm starting will and older memory, think more blank spaces, more reason, think strong motivation, and a bit of experience playing with stepper motors, but many years of dealing with digital electronics. I'm here because a project on another forum started here, and I need to learn the interface anyway, as I someday intend to CNC my lathe, my mill and will probably CNC at least part of the control of a couple of metal shapers as well. I hope to get lots of answers out of this forum, as well as answer lots, once I'm well established, and start knowing what I'm doing here. I build engines for fun, machinery to deal with the sixty odd acres of woods in Eastern North Carolina, USA, as a forest needs maintenance, and I am trying to improve the forest, so dragging dead timber out is a bad option. I've built a couple of "trucks" out of lawntractor chassis', engines, and fabricated beds and such, but always need more, as they wear out under heavy loads. I hope you all get past just tolerating my posts, soon. mad jack

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