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    Although there are more threads about the TB6560, I would like this thread into a clear solution how the configuration should look to get it work.
    There are people claiming with the timer from the GMFC site have everything work but unfortunately not explain further. I understand that some parallel port pins have to be swapped.
    The timer is very easy to build. The diagram shows the designated ports. But there is no in and out? How to place this timer between the TB6560 and the computer??
    Need some help here!!!!

    pin TB6560--------------- pin GMFC
    2 spindle------------------
    4 X enable----------------
    1 X dir--------------------2 X dir
    16 X step-----------------9 X step
    17 Y enable--------------
    7 Y dir-------------------4 Y dir
    14 Y step-----------------7 Y step
    5 Z enable----------------
    6 Z dir --------------------6 Z dir
    3 Z step-------------------5 Z step
    5 C enable----------------
    8 C dir-------------------- 8 C dir
    9 C step-------------------3 C step

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