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    hello..and thanks for having me.

    I have a Graphic design background and am looking to produce an item using acrylic/perspex.

    I recently acquired a Sieg X1 - obvioulsy thinking ..."yeah...easy it's bang on this"

    Now...I can produce a one-off which I still have to convince myself looks spot on. It never does. I need repetetive grooves and I just cannot get two EXACTLY the same.


    I am looking to retrofit to CNC.

    I am looking for a ready made kit/solution. Something I can run from windows, will accept files I already produce (in CorelDraw) and will give me the same result everytime.

    If anybody has a cnc they want to sell/rent/loan I'm all ears.

    If anybody has a laser cutter as above my ears are even bigger.

    I am a complete cnc philistine and will be led by your advice and experiences.

    I do want to produce the job myself but if there is anybody out there who wants to give me a knockout quote then get in touch.

    I'm sorry if non of this makes much sense....plainly put...

    I have an X1 I want a CNC machine or laser. I want it for next to nothing. I want it now.


    once again...thank you for having me.



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