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    Hey people, i recently firyed one of the driver cards from Routoutcnc.

    Its one of the 2.5a cards, i wired my motor wires to what i thought was correct, everything was fine, powered up the card got a Green LED so job done i thought, well next it was the step and direction wires along with ground from the bob to be connected.

    Only this time when i powered up the card i got an eraticly flashing green led, then what can only be discribed as a white/gray VERY smelly smoke started to bail out from under the main chip heatsink.

    When i removed the heatsink as you can see i have definitely killed the chip!, 2-3 pins on 2 sides of the chip are BLACK and have totally come away from the inside of the chip!

    Some of you have been wondering along with myself what chip mike use's on his 2.5a driver cards, well as mike seems to SupaGlue the heatsinks on there wast much information left for me to read off the top of the chip BUT i can see a set of numbers that im hoping one of you can find some information about on the net as i'v drawn a blank so far.

    The numbers read as: 0709326mdaa

    Gary over at zapp has suggested that one of the MCP driver's is based on the same chip, Gary any chance you can pull some strings connected to the right people and find out what the chip is, if i can i wanna repair this card so would like to source a replacment chip.

    I will email Mike when i get a chance and ask if he can send me one, however about 4 days later pen5 from these forums also killed one of his driver cards in the same way only his didnt leave any tell tell marks other then a flashing Green led, peter (pen5) gave mike a call but all he could say was that the card/chip was definitely dead, so i'm not holdng out hope that mike will send me a new chip but you never know so we will have to wait and see.

    Maybe next time i wont pull an all nighter and do this kind of thing @ 3:00am !
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    hi bobin here.have just blown two new 10 amp routout cards own fault driver motors had dead shorts on them..killed most of the mosfets in a fireball,,these can be replaced..at about84p each..but the short has also
    damaged the driver chip,,and the number is scraped off the chip delibrately....which means i cannot source a replacement myself,,,been onto mike at routout no-way would he give me the number and he said he would sell me two at six quid each mmm supose its better that two dead sixty quid boards...good luck with yours
    ps take the chip off the board with a heat gun rather than a soldering iron as this will lift the tiny pads and track...bobin

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    Probably this one



    [Edit] These are a better driver, easier to setup [ dipswitches etc ] and more reliable.

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    I wonder if Mike would send me a replacement chip. To late now i bined the card and gave the other two as backup's to a mate in london.

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