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    Hi everyone. I have a Emco Compact 5 CNC, Adcock Shipley Horiz/Vert Mill, Southbend 10" centre lathe (1939), a Harrison Bowl woodworking lathe and a Harrison Jubilee long bed wood lathe. I build wooden Grandfather clock movements and cases as well as a range of clock relaterd parts for myself and the satisfaction in designing/building them. Hopefully soon I will be building brass clocks, once my tooling extends to indexing the higher and more difficult ratios such as 118, 119, 139, 149, 172 etc which some more complex astronomical designs use and can utilise expensive cycl. gear cutters. Two of my clocks are on: http://www.cheshirecat.org.uk/
    I hope to get a few more engineering hints and tips as well as ideas from the forum.
    Thanks. Jon.

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