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  1. Hi Guys, thanks for all of the input.

    Programming.....Humm last time i atempted any real programming was with BBC basic, and i don't think i going there again
    So last chance before i "recycle" them is does any one want em cos i have kept them long enough, the only thing i have thought to do with them is to remove the edge connectors and aluminium backing plates, the rest is .......for the seagulls, they can pick through the remains for as long as they wish, perhapsthe components and there dasterly plans will keep them away from the beach


  2. there's a new member - "usedplcs" who is involved with a company that does, well, used plcs... he may be able to give you a view of whether there is any refurbish value as an alternate to 'recycling'

  3. Thanks Irving

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