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    Hi to all from Adam in Mansfield.
    New to working on a lathe,
    just got a clarke lathe /mill combi.
    Very interested in CNC conversions and hope to
    gain knowledge in servo motor fitting, controls etc.
    im an Electrician by trade and I love doing/making all
    sorts of practical and useless projects!!

  2. Hi Adam and welcome to the site. Lots of info here to help you. All uselss projects have a use to someone, sometime... (even if it was only a learning exercise in how not to do it!)

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    Hiya matey, im just near you in selston, I have a project im about to start that needs an electrician to give me a hand ;-)

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    Hi Adam,

    I'm converting a Clarke combi machine - mines an old and somewhat tatty one but my experiences may still be applicable.

    Build log of the original conversion is at http://www.mycncuk.com/forums/showth...9-The-sows-ear

    I'm now converting the X and Y axes to ball screws. The Y axis leadscrew was just not up to CNC operation and the X axis could be better. I've not finished yet but in initial testing I've got the Y axis moving at 3000mm / minute - the best before was 900 and that was loosing steps.



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