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    Hi all,

    I'm a trained cabinet maker, though not worked as such for about 10 years now (kept my hand in with hobbies and guvvy jobs though!), but when I did work in a panel shop, one of the machines that always amazed me was the CNC.

    Never did it cross my mind that I could build one!

    Anyway, I recently did a run of hand routered signs for work, and thought there must be an easier way to do this.
    A little research and a lot of people requesting house numbers be done etc, and I decided to jump in and build my own CNC Router. I also build and fly model aircraft, so having an automated way of cutting foam kits etc is a bonus

    I'm initially going the MDF route (a material I'm very happy working with) and utilising a moving gantry - me being ambitious as I am, I'm building a machine with 2M x 1M size monster! I was going to go for a full 2440 x1220 cutting capability, but I would have nowhere to house such a machine.
    I was inspired by threads I'd read somewhere about building a CNC with hardware available from DIY shops etc and ebay, so have bought all my hardware from ebay, screwfix, sitebox and B&Q Total cost for everything I have got is under 300

    So if this all works out, I should be able to recoup my initial build cost and look to building a more substantial machine later.

    Anyhow, looking forward to picking peoples brains and putting together a build log.


  2. Hi Lee and welcome to the site (not to be confused with the other Lee who owns this site!). We'd love to see your build log... 300 for such a machine is an incredibly low budget, so lets see how you've done it...

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