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    They will be able to edit out the box or you could do it yourself if you can get hold of some software, are the lines of the box different to the lines of the shape (i.e. dotted or a different colour) ? that would help explain which is the shape of the part you want cut.

    If you want to try the pdf way I mentioned above and post the pdf on here or send it to me I could try converting it for you, I get quite a bit of stuff laser profiled for work and have to do drawings for that.

    I had several X7's an RD350LC, lots of fun memories there, a mate bought a YPVS when they first came out, crash tested it shortly after!! another mate mangaed to graft a 350LC back end (swing arm and shock) onto a KH400 looked great but didnt handle.

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    Did any KH handle hehehe (From a guy who rode a CX500 for ages as a courier but saw the light and swapped it for a LT1100. My own toy was a VFR750)
    Tim G-C

    I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

    (attrib. Voltaire but written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall "The Friends of Voltaire" 1906)

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    This was much worse than a normal KH, he couldnt get the shock geometry right, almost needed a step ladder to get on it !! sounded good though, Piper used to do a 3 into one for the KH and he had one of those on it, sounded 50% better but went 70% worse :)

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