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    Hi my name is Phil, I am an ex toolmaker, I have built/converted a mill and a lathe to cnc.

    The lathe is a Harrison M250 the mill is an RF31.

    My home shop also has a large metal horizontal bandsaw, no 8 flypress, Bridgeport series II mill, J & S 540 surface grinder with optidress, Myford MG12 universal grinder, Clarkson tool & Cutter Grinder. The only thing i do not have much of is free space. :lol:

    A future project is to cnc the cutter grinder.

    Maybe i can help some others out.

  2. Hi Phil, and welcome to the site. Nice shop you have there... sounds like you've been there n done it... would be interested in your RF31 conversion, probably similar to my MD30 (when I get the time!). Whereabouts in Middx, over my way or the other end?

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    Hi irvin2008

    I'm in the northern end of Middlesex.

    I only have the machine assembled and working, no build pictures.

    The Z axis was the most problemataic as the quill had .5mm + slop in the head casting.:cry:

    The fix is/was not for the squeamish. I'll go and have a look at an MD30

    So yeah I've done a lot, but I'm still learning.


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