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    I want to show my controller box, this i found was impossible to buy a dedicated box there is a whole range of stuff you can buy for your machine build but not this vital piece of equipment.

    My first box which is still in use i made from a discarded PC case this took quite a bit of effort but was somewhat lacking on the eye when viewing inside.

    After building the case i found myself having to fiddle with wires and was concerned that i was going to get a "belt" (Technical Electrical Term) from the mains voltage components that seemed to be everywhere i wanted to put my hands.

    So i had a couple of custom case's cut from a sheet using a laser which i then badly formed and welded into the case.

    The control boxes as you know use 5v and 12v and some even 24v on mine to supply the 5 & 12 i used a redundant pc power supply using a guide i found using google.

    I swapped the direction of the air flow so that it was blowing air out of the case and lower down i put a similar fan sucking (A bit like my sheet metal work) into the case via an air filter.

    I used drivers and power supply's from MCP at the back/main part of the case i installed the drivers and power supplys all the relays for variuos switching with the thinking that they would be isolated from interfering with the sensitive electronics at the front.

    Like all things i seem to make they evolve and newer ideas come into the equation and the design changes. So all the sensitive parts are housed in the front part which just stands on the main part of the case.

    The clear front panel allows all the electronics to be seen through a clear perspex panel, it was going to be screwed on but ended up being stuck on at the top which allowed the panel to hinge allowing for a quick twiddle. It was also much quicker than undoing loads of screws and a lot quicker/simpler.

    All the gear comes from CNC4PC the items are on the left C3 index pulse cards the middle is a C11G Bob top right is the Smooth Stepper at the bottom right is a gizmo i made myself with the help of Les Newell (Of Sheet Cam Fame)

    At the lower part of the front panel there are three switches that operate the two axis (Lathe) on the right is the main power switch. The control signals go to the lathe via the two 25pin serial cables for easy machine disconnection.

    Hope this gives you some ideas when making your own.

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    Looks good.

    I always start out with good intentions to have nice tidy control boxes/wiring, but generally by the time I get everything squeezed in, it's anything but tidy.

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