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    Just updated this to 4.8.1 guys.

    Update notes:
    - Fix potential duplicate file include problem.
    - Fix bug of jumping to wrong post when entering from participated/timeline/unread
    - Add debug mode for quicker support
    - Remove log file generation
    - Remove system version for security purpose

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  2. Lee,

    Will this still work ok with v2 client? There seems to be a big backlash on the latest client re ads and having now to pay for functionality that was previously free. I've resisted upgrading client so far.

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    Hi Guys,

    Just spoted this on the TapaTalk forum:

    Hi Android users,

    We understand that there is some confusion surrounding our product offering and roadmap during the past few months, multiple versions of the app, different price points, beta versions, and of course the move from paid to free, that wasn't communicated effectively.

    We just wanted to clarify that we intended to make it simple for once and for all that there will be only one product going forward. While it is very difficult to catch up with the changes and fast pace of the Android world (which is also why Android is winning over iOS in many markets...) given the size of our team and the limited resource / funding, we needed to simplify our offerings.

    What we did earlier this week was simply set the original paid app to a free app, at the same time upgrading all users (existing paid users, and future free users) to the latest version of Tapatalk, which provides exactly the same features as the previous paid version, with a newer interface that works for Android 4.0+ OS. We also released a direct APK for users to download the original version in case they need more time to transition to the new version.

    We also renamed the HD version to Pro, but more accurately the Pro app is tablet optimized, along with a third-party Photo Editor built-in, both features are not found in the original paid app, since this is essentially an all new product. You may use the tablet app on a phone as well, but you will never be forced to pay twice for for a phone optimized Tapatalk app.

    In essence, for existing paid users, I just want to thank you for your support this product, although now people can download the paid app for free, I want to make sure that the Tapatalk experience continue to be great, even though it is now a free app.

    We will also be providing refund to any users who purchase the original version of Tapatalk after September 1st, 2013. If you are eligible, send us your purchase receipt / order number and we will schedule a refund for you on Google Play.

    Once again on behalf of the Tapatalk team we are aiming to communicate better in the future, but looking forward we will continue to build a great product on this great platform!

    - Winter

    So it now looks as though you can download and use the Free version, with the option of going to the new paid version for tablet support.

    Just thought i would let others know, who, like me could use the mobile app (now the free version) but didnt really want to pay for it or just continued to use the desktop version of the site on mobile devices or indeed the mobile device style for the forum.


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    Just to let you know that today, we updated Tapatalk to the latest version. Enjoy!


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