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    I found a video showing this, I'm amazed that it works.

    One on YouTube as well.

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    Thats it TheChunk..!!!

    I remember the bit about taping up the edges now.. Well found..! Just pulled apart my cnc for another upgrade so cant try it this week, but will definately give it a go next week.. Thanks dude..


  3. Using MDF as a spoil board on top of a vacuum table is quite common (check out or
    I seem to recall a recommendation of sealing the edge of the spoil board with paint.

    Standard MDF is certainly porous.
    My home

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    A wrap door machine uses vacuum to pull the pvc covering over the door . mdf is indeed porous. not sure about hdf though

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    just came across this while browsing

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    I don't exactly know if this has been resolved however as Toddy said about MDF being non porous i believe he has had the sherbets.
    I use 6mm and 4mm MDF and this is perfect for Vac pump.
    I am currently looking for a different material that is more porous as using VillMill material is a good extra for any wasteboard.

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