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    Thanks Bill they just look so overkill for what i want. Cheaper than ebay as well.

    As regards One Shot that is a brand name for Sulphuric acid & yes its 91% concentrated. Drain cleaner can be anything that cleans drains.

    The only water you should use in your processes is de ionised to avoid contamination.

    The anodising acid should be gently agitated by air bubbles as you can get heat build up around the part with them amps.


  2. Thanks Bill they just look so overkill for what i want
    if you only need constant voltage there are cheaper options (look at Rapids switch mode 30A supplies), but if you want constant current (or current limit) there's no easy/cheap way to do it.

    Actually, it is possible to get some current control by carefully selecting incandescent bulbs to run at their warm (low resistance)/very hot (high resistance) transition power, but it's probably not worth it these days.

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