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    Well after seing daves post (lateatnight) i feel as if i should give these away but as its not my cash they were bought with i will have to sell them ;)

    Items were only fitted, i never got round to actually finnishing the machine, and due to spending all my piggy bank on a plasma these must go

    I have 4 available say 7 each? plus postage

    I may have some 20mm screws and ball nuts available, one length is 8ft and other is 4ft. i will let you know.

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    Might put my name down for the 4' ballscrew! What pitch is it?

    I'd buy the bearings aswell, but sadly I need open 25mm bearings.

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    fiver each taken em away ;)

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    Sent you a PM
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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