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    My name is Steve, I live in a small village in Shropshire called Chirbury, my project is a 4`x4` plasma table, at the moment I have the Bridge 75% complete with a home made Z axis with 150mm of travel with a Tripazoidal lead screw, and a 3Nm stepper. A 1.4mtr, 25mm linear rail Y axis with a 1mod gear rack and pinion, also with a 3Nm stepper. the X will be 10 cam follower bearings running on and guided by 75x12 cold rolled steel, driven by 2 off 3Nm steppers, one each side. all designed in Auto CAD. the plasma unit is a Thermal Dynamics 75xl with a capacity of 20mm. I dont have any electronics yet, other than a PC with Mach3 on it, I am hoping to get a Candcnc torch head control from America,


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    Sound like an exciting project, welcome to the forums and thanks for joining.

    Be sure to start a build log for us to all view and comment !

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