1. Hi, I am glad to be here and know a lot of people who are interested in CNC machines. I am interested in CNC metal processing machines, especially the tool grinding machine, universal tool grinder, saw blade & knife sharpening machine, cutter grinder...etc.

    I work for Jeffer Machinery, an over 30 years experience manufacturer in Taiwan, with a team of hard-working, brilliant and enthusiastic engineers. I'd like to share my experience with you and also hope to learn great ideas about grinding knowledge from you.

    Best regards,

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  2. Hi Jeffer and welcome to the site.

    We are happy to allow you access to the site as an individual, not as a representative of your company.

    May I respectfully remind you that we will not allow advertising of your products in any form on our Forums, and any such advertise will result in suspension of the account. If you wish to advertise please contact Lee Roberts who will be happy to advise you, or click the 'Advertise Here' link on the banners above.

    I have moved your website link to your 'homepage' user property.


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