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    hi, im totally new to all things cnc, have just started to build my first cnc,
    i have a 3 axis TB6560 driver board, and it has a spindle interface relay on it that outputs max 36v 7.5a, my spindle is a dc motor 24v-48v
    what else do i need to control my spindle, i'll be using mach3
    hope so one can enlighten me

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    Mach3 controls the speed of a motor by one of two methods

    Outputting either 0-10v to a speed control board using step & direction

    Or via PWM so unless your existing motor is controllable that way then Mach will not be able to vary the speed but will be able to turn on and off

    Maybe you could describe your motor, i am not the best at the electronic side of things.


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    hi phil,
    my motor/spindle is from zentoolworks.com, sorry i dont know how to provide a link
    i realise that mach3 has 2 ways of spindle control, seeing as my driver board has a spindle relay just wanted to know how it can be used and what other hardware i would need, i.e motor control board. dc varible speed controller
    i was hoping there would be one board i could connect to my driver board spindle relay and my spindle

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    Wizzy you may need this or similar to control your speed http://www.cnc4pc.com/Store/osc/prod...roducts_id=179


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  6. Hi Whizzy
    If you have a 5v PWM output such as is available with Mach3 & 4 and also Zeus (pin17 parallel port) why not just use this to switch some transistors on and off. Mach has an indexing pulse so you can have feedback once you set the revs. I am always trying to save money !!!

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