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    hello Andy
    thank you very much for your help
    but unfortunately I am not strong in English or electronics to get a good understanding of your great advice
    (Both join NEG (?) Wires and had to join Then GRD (?)

    so I finished my wiring in the plane of my (post1)
    but unfortunately I have a problem

    The NEMA 34 motors SY85STH65 runs smoothly
    The NEMA 34 motors SY85STH118 there is a problem he turns around and block as a brake
    and when I plug in the 4 engines mach3 will continuously reset

    I wait patiently for your help

    thank you very much

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    Hi Ali, Andy is currently resting as you must have overloaded him with questions.

    When Mach keeps resetting when the driver board is connected you may have an input active high or vice versa

    Connect your machine a bit at a time then you will find the thing that is miss configured

    Have the motors NOT fitted to the machine so there are no accidents


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    Thanks Phil

    Still here just a shortage of time at the moment will get back to you Ali as soon as time permits.

    Ali some photos of your machine setup my help and screen shots of your Mach setup.


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    My apologies to "Andy" for the delay ... internet connection problem

    Hi Andy I am very sorry for the delay to follow your advice, unfortunately I have my gold connections and problems in a few days I'll put the screenshot because I think the problem CPCPS card.
    and I have another problem in the small machine I have to solve first, my axis motors and break
    Please have your opinion I can disassemble the engine to repair the lines
    thank you for your assistance

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