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    Hi all
    Just a bit of a update, I have spent a few weeks collecting bits for the controller, and this is what I have, Campbell Designs excelent Break out board, a Sound Logic Power board with a 500va transformer together they give me 50v dc, and Gecko G203 Vampire drives (Im still 2 short but funds allowing I will order those this week), all in a 2U rackmount case with power and E Stop on front and all plugs on back


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    Looks like a good plasma table Not sure how it will work out as a router with the single bearing on the Y axis...Either way some good quality work you've done so far!
    Thanks for the support, its nice to know people out there are interested

    Im not even sure I want wood near it I dont do wood well, you cant weld a bit back on when you make a cock up, but it dose keep you warm, providing it will fit in the wood burne, but I may just try it out, but on the whole not realy bothered, I do have room on the back or under the gantry for a second rail but only if I realy need one, Buying the first made my eyes water


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    Thats some amount of money! you can probably add the same again for bearings, and the same again for a controler setup all without the cost of the frame. When you think about it these things can seriously harm your wealth! and mine is going to be just a toy! :D


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    It is indeed! I have 800 of junk sat on a's a useless 4 axis controller.....We live and learn.
    That was the reason I decided to build mine myself from well known parts, my motors are 4.5a so I needed large drivers and gechos 203`s are suposed to be one of the best, the Vampire has a nice trick with microstepping and speed it morphs out of microstep, together with the power board and BOB were all designed to work together, all I had to do was find a case and transformer then spend a day wiring it all, hopefully I still have enough room be it on a second layer to get Jim Cullins THC in I did want a CandCNC one that included the Torch Head Control and BOB all in one, but they did not want to send to England something about lead content


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    I actually bought mine ready assembled from a manufacturer....We do indeed live and learn :D
    I nearly bought one from ebay but for som reason decided against it, propably money, to spend that sort of cash in one go would upset me too much.
    can nothing be done with it to make it work for you?? resell it on ebay it must still have a value to someone


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    It is indeed! I have 800 of junk sat on a's a useless 4 axis controller.....We live and learn.
    whats wrong with it Kip?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    It needs the power stages replacing (L6203 IC's) I have them but kind of wrote the unit off as a loss....Nice stainless case though!
    Thinking of flogging it? Assuming its fixable...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    We've stolen the thread from Steve too :D
    That's Ok Gents, not a problem you carry on. I haven't been watching, trying to get to grips with Mach3, In the words of Homer Simpson "Every time I learn something new something I already knew disappears" must be a age thing


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    What are you wanting Mach to do Steve?
    Hi Kip

    I`m trying to learn it, I seem to have some problems with my setup, but I don't know what I have done, this is my first play with cnc of any kind, ever so I'm a complete novice

    1/ when I REF ALL HOME it hits the first switch ( all 3 are the same switch on each axis ) reverses off and ESTOPS!

    2/ unless I change the % value in soft limits to 100% I can only get 20% speed

    I have copied Bobs xml for the break out board, step by step manually into mach3 plasma. I think its in homing - limits my table is 1250mm square A & X are slaved, so soft max = 1250, soft min = 0, slow zone = 25, home off = 0.00 for X,Y,A and soft max = 0.00, soft min = -140, slow zone = 12, home off = 0.00 for Z

    motor = 159.154 steps per, 10000 velocity, 1250 acceleration,

    If you can help You will be My hero, I have fought with this for near a month, I have asked on most of the forums, and never got a reply,

    Any body else any ideas??

    Thank you in anticipation,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    You could try copying then pasting the xml file into the Mach folder, then using the Mach Loader to select it.

    The manual seems quite clear on how to set it up...start on page 10 (I've never used them so haven't had to figure them out) I may have to soon...If I ever get around to the router :D

    Forum attachment size for a .zip is 97k so I can't attach the manual :(

    Available here Mach3 setup tutorial

    Have a good nose around on the ftp site...there's lots of interesting things there!

    Done all that, including watching the videos, but im still missing something, I just dont seem to be able to get soft limits to work the "X" insists in hitting the switch at full speed


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