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    Hello ALL
    I've been looking on this and other CNC forums for a while, thought it was about time I became part of one. Iím building my own CNC router, Iíve also refitted a Denford Orca lathe and a Denford mill with new Boards so their could be run with mach3 all that was left to do was recalibrate them
    I started to build a cnc router from what Iíve seen on YouTube, bearing / Ali angle and MDF design, but wasn't happy so building one with 50mm steel box section 5 feet by 3 feet and belt driven so looking for some help with it
    Many Many Thanks in advance
    The Phoenix

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    Hi TP

    Sounds like you'll be answering more questions than you have to ask. Although belt drive sounds like a terrible choice for a 5 foot axis unless you are doing something clever?



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    I remember working on twin x axis belt driven plasma machine a few years ago. I cant remember the manufacturer name but it wasnt a very stable machine. it used wire reinforced 50mm wide timing type belts and it had some serious skew problems. These were supposed to be fixable by tensioning the seperate belts until the machine was square again but in reality this was very difficult to achieve. The more tension you applied to the belt the more they tended to stretch. Rack and pinion would be much better than a belt drive. you could use angled teeth rack and pinions to increase accuracy and decrease backlash.



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