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    I'll looking to get some shapes made. This is what they look like:


    I've got the cross section in PDF Click image for larger version. 

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    The cross section is constructed from a triangle like this:


    I guess I'd need a tolerance of about 0.1mm though I'd be interested to hear how tolerance affects price!

    Thanks for taking a look.

    I'm new to the forum so apologies if I'm getting anything wrong! Feel free to put me straight.


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    Hi Steve,

    Price is also affected by quantity, what material and size.

    They look good though


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    Damn, I knew Id' forgotten something.

    Size is anywhere between 40 and 50mm diameter. The PDF drawing is 40mm
    Quantity I'm not so sure about. If there's an economy of scale I might want to great loads done (to share with my fellow maths enthusiasts!) But I'd want at least 5, ideally 10 or more.


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    Nice idea but how would you hold it to machine it!


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    Tim G-C

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptjw7uk View Post
    Nice idea but how would you hold it to machine it!

    That would be telling.


    I'm working on a price, maybe you should make your location a bit more cryptic.

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    That was my concern. Maybe it's not possible. Or it might need to be finishing some how. I don't know too much about this stuff so your thoughts are appreciated.

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    Price sent by PM not difficult when you know how.


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