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    My favorite pass time is flying radio controlled aircraft. I'm also a bit of a tinkerer. A few years ago I built a primitive 4 axis hot wire foam cutter based on a article I found on-line. It uses GMFC Foam Cutting Software and the main mechanicals use ball bearing drawer slides with 1/4-20 threaded rods for drive screws. NOTE: If you are looking for speed spend the $$ for good acme rods with low thread count. My max speed is only 3.175 mm/s. That works well for cutting wings, but severely limits other projects. Wing panels take about 5 minutes, complex fuselage shapes are hours for one part. Someday I may upgrade the drive screws.

    I recently started using a program named DevFus Foam to design some new models. It outputs GCode files. So now I'm looking into other CNC software like Mach 3 or EMC2 that could be configured to operate my foam cutter.

    PSBreen aka Patrick
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  2. Hi there Patrick and welcome to the site. We have several users into RC planes and a growing interest in CNC hot-wire cutters.


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