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    Hello fellow Machinests
    Just getting back into metal after 30 years off pursuing woodwork and I am looking forward to building an old world style shop and thought I might get a world perspective with this group. I Just bought my first tool, a Hardinge HL TFB Lathe, a bit rough around the edges and am looking for inspiration across the pond for restoration. I love Bsa's and Triumphs to name a few so I would love to hear the English take on how to restore a Hardinge lathe to it's former Glory.
    Kinda jumped the gun as I still need to build the space for it..Hope you follow my threads as I will be looking forward to everyones input.
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  2. Hi James and welcome to the site. I know one of our members did a restoration on a Hardinge HLV (if memory serves), I'm sure he'll be along shortly...

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