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    Quote Originally Posted by blackburn mark View Post
    i think it might be it a little simpler to stipulate in cam that i was starting from a corner
    It doesnt matter where you draw it in CAD you just put it in the same place in Mach3


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    It doesnt matter where you draw it in CAD you just put it in the same place in Mach3
    not sure if we have our wires crossed phil ?
    in CAM not "CAD" you dictate atributes of the tool path, if your tool path starts in the center of a block you need to do a bit of maths phyisicaly place the tool in the center of the block to start

    if your starting from a corner you only have to zero in on that corner set your hight and the gcode will jog to the centre and start cutting

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    cheers guys.

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    motor tuning is doing my headin :confused::confused::confused:
    i want my motor to turn 1 rev and when it does, i want it to show 5mm in mach.
    my motor is 200 steps 1/8 any help pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    steps per = 320 errrrrm.... hang on, what micro step setting are you using on the board ?

    its ages since i did mine, if your using 1/16 micro step and your screws are 5mm pitch then you have 1600 steps per revolution of your stepper that adds up to 5mm
    devide your seps my 5mm to get your 320 steps per unit (1mm)
    i think :)
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    steps per mm = motor steps*microstep/screw pitch

    For instance, 200 step motor, 5mm pitch screw and you say 8th stepping:
    200*8/5=320 step/mm

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    i tryed putting in 1600 steps, put 5mm into mack and the motor span 2.5 revs ish.

    when i use these settings and put 5mm in i get 1 rev this is why it's doing my headin :rofl:
    what am i doing wrong.
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    there is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid answers !!!!

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    The formula is 200 X (Micro Steps ?) = steps per rev

    The amount the screw turns 1 rev (5mm i think in your case)

    In my machines i use 10 microsteps so the formula is 200 x 10 = 2000 / 5 = 400 steps per rev

    The velocity in the Mach setup tab is the fastest you are allowing the machine to run in your case you have set it to 600mm per minute which is on the slow side

    So if you divulge you micro step setting your figures can be confirmed but 640 (Your Setting) steps per equates to 16 microsteps and the generally accepted maximum is 10


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    how did i set it to 16 microsteps? is that the 1/16 setting on the board, and i need to change it to 1/8?
    i have set the dips to the 1/8 setting at the mo.

    this is from the post on these boards
    "The 1/8 step was reversed with 1/16, a fairly minor problem but still irritating as I had a scaling error on movement until I figured it out."

    by the way a BIG thanks to all that have helped me so far.
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    there is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid answers !!!!

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    Well if you have it set to 1/8 then steps per rev = 320


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