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    My main interest is the mechanical restoration of Pre-War Rolls Royce cars for myself and others. I make many of the specialized tools required to work on the drive trains. Castellated wrenches are common as well as pullers and some parts. My shop includes a Bridgeport mill, Hardinge HLV-H lathe, Lincoln TIG welder and a 40 year old pos Asian lathe. Of course I should include the 36 Phantom III I have had for 32 years, the 70 Morgan Plus 8 ex road racer owned since 74, 38 Phantom III bought two years ago and my 90 Bentley Turbo R daily driver. The 38 is currently undergoing an engine refresh after failing a liner and piston. The car had sat for 42 years before I got it two years ago. After about 800 miles it failed, necessitating the refresh of pistons, rings and damper. With a rewire job also included it will be ready for spring.


  2. Wow, thats an impressive array of vehicles Peter. Welcome to the site.

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