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    Hello to the forum,

    I am finally getting on with renovating an old Kerry 1124 I picked up a few years back. Unfortunately some of the markings for the screw cutting gear box are damaged and no longer readable. Does anyone have a photo of the plate with the dial settings and gear tooth numbers? I would also appreciate any pictures of the end support for the lead screw and drive shaft. Any help gratefully received.

    i am sure more info will be needed as work progresses.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Richard

    A good starting place would to have a look here http://www.lathes.co.uk/Kerry/page2.html


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    Thanks KN8,

    I had seen Lathes.co.uk when I first got the lathe and infact bought the manual. Unfortunately the cd doesnt work anymore and I need a bit more detail in the way of the odd photo. I have two immediate concerns

    1 - I need to see how the drive shaft for the lead screw is held on the right hand side of thew lathe as i think i may be missing a few bits.
    2 - The screw cutting plate is unreadable in places and although I was able to make out most of the figures I would like to be sure I got them right.

    once again many thanks


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    Ping CNCEZEE a PM as i'm sure he could help you out with this project. He has i believe the same lathe
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