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    Just for interest i came across this great site with a wealth of information all about wiring motors, encoders calculations and a lot more. Just make sure you click through the 'next' buttons to see it all.
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    if i had seen this thread i few weeks ago, i put about 4 brand new start caps in the bin, i had them when i was making my 3 phase convertor. theres a motor rewind place by me that sold me them for about 4 quid each ill have to get there number and post it up.

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    I think whats being refered to is that most small fractional HP motors have a start cap of 12 - 15uF, so if in doubt try one... the worst that will happen is hasn't got enough start torque to run....This assumes we are talking about a start capacitor and not a start/run... can you confirm that your motor has a centrifugal switch that disconnects the start cap once its about 3/4 speed.
    hello, i purchase 4 GE motors 5KCP39HNB476S 1725 rpm 1/3 hp 115/230 volts to my surprise no mention of size start capacitor is require, i look all over can't find any info as to what size capacitor it needs.... also because I need it for each applications 115v= ? 230v=? or it doesn't matters?????? any help would be greatful.....

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